A rigorous, forced draft is in effect in Israel. One can assume that military pride or national security is at stake.  However, the problem is purely demographic. The Orthodox population is growing in exponential proportions. They threaten to overtake the majority, and soon outnumber the secular citizens. According to the Zionist Knesset, this has to be stopped – at all costs!  In the words of one of its members on a radio interview: “The rapidly expanding Chariedie community worries me more than Iran’s development of the atom bomb…”

Well, to tackle this ‘problem’ the State of Isreal has devised a ‘Final Solution’…New legislation has been issued and brutal measures are being enacted to forcefully convert orthodox Jews into secular atheists. The most practical method, Israel is reasoning, would be to draft young men and women into their army. A mandatory draft is the quickest, most aggressive means of cutting off the chareidie youth from their sacred heritage.

A cry of protest was raised immediately. The chareidim took to the streets to denounce these unfair practices. All Rabbis called conventions to declare their objection to the forced draft. Spiritual leaders of all religious sectors have unanimously ruled that the Torah strictly prohibits enrolling in the Zionist army. Fellow Jews were encouraged not to comply and to avoid being drafted at all costs.

Israel’s biggest offense yet is enforcing the draft on females. Up until 2013, the law clearly exempted religious girls from the draft. But with an agenda to turn the frum girls irreligious, the government is now denying some of those exemptions. Consider the facts: in 2017, the military sent home 700 male combatants as they had a surplus of soldiers. Israel has notoriously set itself apart by being the only Democracy to draft females!

On April 15, 2018, IDF officials detained a religious girl.  After much interrogation and torture, they were going to draft her. As the news got out, thousands of Orthodox Jews gathered in front of the recruiting offices to prevent her being drafted. As the solemn crowd protested peacefully, the Israeli police suddenly attacked the innocent men, women, and children. With powerful water jets and stunt grenades they terrorized the protesters. In a most brutal way, they were beaten and wounded. The police waged a horrific, bloody battle, the likes of which were seen only in Communist Russia or Nazi Germany.

Our plea to the State of Israel is heartrending: Allow us to live our lives according to the Torah that we have committed to on Mt. Sinai. The fundamentals that we have cherished, defended and died for throughout generations will always be the single, most important thing in our lives. We will protect and fight for our right to conduct ourselves according to the rulings of the Bible. We will not surrender and we will not compromise on any aspect of our holy and modest lifestyle. Our belief in the one and only G-D is steadfast forever and ever.

We are calling to all right-minded Americans that value Democracy: make your voices heard and send your note of protest to the State of Israel.  Ask your senators, congressmen and other persons of influence to denounce Israel’s regime of terror.  Demand of them to grant us the elemental rights to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, and above all – Freedom of Religion.