A rigorous, forced draft is in effect in Israel. One can assume that military pride or national security is at stake. However, the problem is purely demographic. The Orthodox population is growing in exponential proportions. They threaten to overtake the majority, and soon outnumber the secular citizens. According to the Zionist Knesset, this has to be stopped – at all costs! In the words of one of its members: “I said to Netanyahu, that the rapidly expanding Chariedie community worries me more than Iran’s development of the atom bomb…”

The Outcry:

Religious Jews in Israel are regularly flogged with batons, sprayed with water cannons, and brutally beaten and arrested by the law enforcement. They face lengthy incarcerations for peacefully demonstrating or refusing to enlist in the army.

Let Our People Go is a campaign to stop the brutal, inhumane and undemocratic tactics used against religious Jews in Israel.

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Have You Or Someone You Know Been a Victim of Israeli Police Brutality?
 As the Israeli government steps up their efforts to draft Orthodox Jews, the Israeli police has become more and more violent in their approach to quelch the opposition. Peaceful protests are 
regularly broken up with teargas and police batons. Young men and boys are being arrested in the middle of the night for refusing to serve. Elementary schoolers have been thrown into unmarked police cars for the crime of “verbally abusing” IDF soliders. Help us to document such injustices so that we can take action and stand up for our rights.

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