What does this remind us?

The picture of the inmates of the Nazi concentration camps being numbers as stock items Same happens in the so called Jewish state and only because standing out for the religion  

Israeli police brutality on display at draft protest past Sunday

JERUSALEM: On Sunday Sept. 17, 2017, Hooligans and criminals who by chance are serving in the Israeli Police department, headed over to an anti-draft protest, held by anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews, who were protesting the arrest of a 23 year old American resident,...

Shocking: Israeli police in brutal pogrom and arrest of young child

On Friday June 2nd, it happened, an IDF soldier dressed up in a costume like an Orthodox Jew, came in the Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Me’a She’arim, and started walking down the streets, he awaited for what came afterward, some kids started to shout at him, as a...